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A new UV-sheet for school experiences

Feuille de papier UV, composé de 10 x 10 pastilles prédécoupées.Last year, we conducted a survey of the Living with the sun program. The results were extremely encouraging : 100% of the teachers found the program well-conceived, the progression easy to set up (95%) and interesting (100%). According to the poll, 98% of the pupils responded to the program.

But there was one downside to those positive results : only 81% of the teachers found the UV-paper easy to use. A honorable rate, still it deserved our attention.

Listening to the critics, we worked on a new UV-paper that will progressively replace the old one.

A pre-cut sheet

The former UV-sheer stood in one block ; the new one is pre-cut in 100 squares (10 x 10), each of them usable for an experience. Teachers, you don’t need to hesitate like you did before : the paper size doesn’t matter anymore ! Plus, it is way easier to compare two equally-sized UV-paper.

An easy-to-cut film

The main issue with the UV-paper was the difficulty to take the protecting film off. A cutter was often requisite, making it impossible for the children to use it without assistance. Problem solved : a circle is now pre-cut in the protecting film. Taking it off is easy as 1-2-3.

Photos montrant la pellicule prédécoupée, qui se décolle facilement.

Last but not least : once the paper has been exposed to the sun light, one must protect it from the UV to prevent it from reacting. All you have to do is put the pre-cut circle back, and you can be sure your paper’s color won’t change anymore !

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