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Living with the Sun in Germany

Scientists and teachers join forces to develop a german-speaking version of the program.

The La main à la pâte project, running successfully in France for 11 years, is currently being transferred to Germany. A german mirror site of the French interactive website will be set up at the Physics Department of the Freie Universität Berlin to make the sites’ resources available to a German-speaking audience. A convention has been signed by the French Académie des sciences (Ads), the Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften (BBAW) and the Freie Universität Berlin. The Ads and the BBAW are among the major supporters of the project, as well as the Scientific Division of the French Embassy in Berlin, who initiated many La main à la pâte activities in the past years.

The internet pages of the German version of La main à la pâte, a part of which was anticipated to be online in September 2007, are conceived as a tool for educators and primary school teachers, and are meant to help the teachers implement the science curricula.

The main objective of La main à la pâte is to promote and to renovate the teaching of science in primary school: Children should acquire their scientific knowledge by themselves (inquiry-based learning) – by observing and exploring objects and phenomenons of their environment, asking questions, making experiments, discussing and documenting their observations and results. The project is carried on on site, mainly in the schools and kindergardens.

One of the most interesting teaching modules of the French La main à la pâte website is Living with the Sun, an interdisciplinary module, in which scientific knowledge, health education and citizenship education play an important role and whose goal is the prevention of riscs due to an excessive solar exposure. Due to the partnership with the World Health Organisation and its collaborating centre La Sécurité Solaire, the program spread out and reached almost 10 000 enthusiastic French teachers.

Contact for the German La main à la pâte project :
Dr. Jenny Schlüpmann and Dr. Jens Thoms Törring
Freie Universität Berlin, Department of Physics,
Arnimallee 14, 14195 Berlin
Tel.: (030) 838 56055

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