What is Living with the Sun ?

Living with the Sun in an education program created to raise the pupils awareness on the sun effects. Based on a 10-session, hands-on guide, the program provides informations and classroom activities to help children become prevention activists.

Who is behing the Living with the Sun program ?

The Living with the Sun program is implemented by La Sécurité Solaire (Sun Safety), a french association and a Collaborating Centre of the World Health Organization for Sun Education.

Who can use the program ?

Any school teacher, with or without any scientific background.

Does the program exist in English ?

Not ye. We are currently seeking partners to translate the program in English.

In what languages is the program available ?

For the moment :
› in french for both 4-8 and 9-13 programs
› in german and serbian for the 9-13 program

We are currently seeking partners in every countries to work with us on the translation of the program.