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How it works


Chapters overview

  • The effects of the sun on health : positive and negative impact on our skin and our eyes
  • The different skin colors : how they react to the sunlight, where they come from
  • Sun, light and shadow : what the UV are, how their intensity change in a year
  • How to protect against sun agression
  • Becoming a prevention actor for family and friends

2 turnkey modules for 2 levels

  • Age 4-8 / 8 sessions + 1 opt : Sun and Health, Sun and shadow, Sun and protection, Becoming a prevention actor, Evaluation
  • Age 9-13 / 10 sessions + 3 opt : Sun and Health, Sun and UV, Sun and atmosphere Protection, Becoming a prevention actor, Evaluation

Don’t worry, it’s easy

  • The programi is designed for all teachers, whether or not they have a background in science
  • Every step is described and illustrated
  • Specific objectives, length, materials, procedures, and ideas are laid out for each of the 10 lessons
  • UV paper and photocopy masters come with or without the guide
  • The guide enable teachers to receive the training they need to answer their students’ countless questions

It’s more than science and sun prevention

  • Hans-on and mind-on learning
  • Activities are interdisciplinary and present many opportunities for cross-curricular integration (science, geography, math, languages)
  • The themes are aligned with department of education standards for the elementary years
  • Furthermore, the sun, which is the object of fascination and dreams, lends itself to numerous other disciplines (literature, energy, astronomy, arts …)